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The situation when a person might need help and there is no one around is not uncommon. This is especially true about senior citizens who frequently live alone and have got health issues. Many of them would need help in case of emergency that is really important to get as soon as possible.

However, not always a person can rely on having relatives around at home 24/7 as well as an emergency can happen outdoors as well on the way to a shop or a park or some other place. In this respect it is always better to have an option plan at hand.

For many families and individuals medical alert systems have become such one. These systems are easy to use and they do exactly what they are supposed to – they prevent a person from being left alone in an emergency situation. All of them perform their basic function of connecting a person with a call center by just pressing a button, others can detect falls and call 911 as well, and some even are able to detect CO and smoke and fire as well.

We provide the comparison chart as well as detailed description of the most popular and well-know medical alarm systems at the market and we do so for the benefit of people trying to choose the best system for their needs. Taking into consideration features and prices offered, we provide the most unbiased description of the systems so that each person could opt for the most suitable option for themselves.

We also encourage medical alarm system users to leave feedbacks for the products we review. It will contribute greatly and will definitely help future medical alert system customers to make up their mind and decide upon this or that product on the basis of real experience.