Better Alerts – a New Approach to the Traditional System

December 12, 2017

Better Alerts is one of the newest words in the market of personal emergency response systems – this time it is a mobile option, and a very promising one.

Better Alerts System represents a combination of an Alert application and a Pebble Smart Watch that is paired to your smartphone. The company has been in business for more than 20 years and have both reputation and experience as well as clear vision of the future perspectives and needs of their customers. So, Better Alert is meant for seniors who are still independent and active and want to continue to stay so as long as they can. This is an innovative product designed with the idea of a smart home in mind – no need to be stuck with a landline phone or stay indoors most of the time.


  • Pebble™ Smart Watch
  • Better Alerts free Android / iOS App


How to use

The system is easy to use: first you install the app to the Android or iOS device; configure all the settings and enter all the necessary info to the dashboard. There are 10 emergency contacts as well as a number of the primary caregiver that you can use; also you can configure medicine reminders and a Safe Zone range.

The system is an innovative product where a smartphone app works in conjunction with Pebble Smart Watch™, where the button on top is to call a caregiver or an emergency contact, and the button on the bottom contacts 911 (or Emergency Call Cente) right away. The watch is waterproof and has an accelerometer and 3D gyroscope that detects falls. It also vibrates and displays medical reminders. The app sends texts and emails with the relevant info to caregivers, it does the same with the location information.


  • Fall detection (immediate notification sent to a caregiver with the location details.)
  • Medicine reminders (the details can also be sent to up to 10 contacts so they also knew about medication timings.)
  • Text and email alerts to all the contacts and a primary caregiver.
  • Pedometer (step tracker.)
  • Safe Zone range can be changed (200, 300, 400, 1 mile from your address.)
  • 911 or Emergency Response Center call.
  • Daily activity reports can be seen on the dashboard.
  • Direct call to a primary caregiver in case of a fall.

All features come with GPS tracking.

Plans and Prices

  • Standard Plan – $19.95/mo
  • Total Protection Plan – $25.95

! One of the peculiarities of the Better Alerts System subscription is that the plans are offered for 4, 6 and 12 months correspondingly. There are no monthly options, thus, a 4-month Standard subscription will cost you $119.70. Keep that detail in mind.

!! Another detail to pay attention to is that the Pebble Smart Watch™ is only provided for FREE if you purchase Annual Total Protection Plan (which is $ 359.40). So, that’s something to consider, too.

Mobile Applications

  • Android
  • iOS



They offer 2 types of support: toll-free number and email support; they also have physical address, which is a good sign.

Better Alerts System is definitely an impressive product with all the features both the watch and the application possess. It is a step from a traditional system to a new vision of a senior care. It definitely looks more potent than the product we have recently written about – Q-watch. There are more features and they are more specifically senior-oriented.

However, such devices are likely to be popular among those seniors who is not afraid of anything technological (for one thing), and also have a smartphone (for another.)

Provided that all the requirements are met, the system itself seems to be a great idea (despite the pretty rigid payment plans.)

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