Aging and Emotional Stability

March 2, 2018

  As anti-aging research keeps aiming for new heights, and a breakthrough is expected to occur within the lifespan of today’s adults, other issues arise – ethical, psychological, health-related, and philosophical, for that matter. It’s rather clear-cut that living for a long time is very different from remaining on top of your game, being physically […]


Solo Traveling for Seniors – the Options Are Breathtaking

February 20, 2018

  One of the great benefits of contemporary aging tendencies, with the active period extended by an average of two decades compared to just 100 years ago, is the chance to enjoy many different activities when you finally have the time. Extensive traveling is something that many people have to put off, since their social […]


Aging – a Time of Joy or a Time to Rest?

February 16, 2018

  We are living at a time when the world is transforming at probably the swiftest rate ever. Every sphere you can think of is undergoing major changes, including the way our society thinks of aging, and the way that older people see themselves and act. Through the ages, it has often been very difficult […]


The Changing Home Health Care Industry – What It Means to You

February 14, 2018

  The 65+ population is growing faster than any other demographic segment in the United States. The post-WWII baby boomer generation is retiring, and will continue to retire gradually for the next 20 years, with as many as 10 000 people turning 65 every day. Combined with generally increasing life expectancy, this will likely to […]


Companion Dogs vs. Service Dogs – Rights and Responsibilities

February 11, 2018

  Besides being the greatest, most loyal pets, dogs also play a big part in assisting people in various ways. They are excellent in military and police service, detect drugs at border checkpoints, they herd livestock, save lives in search and rescue operations, even play in movies. But there’s a whole world of what dogs […]


Prolonged Life Span Leads to Medical Challenges

February 9, 2018

  As humankind wakes up every morning to new discoveries in various spheres that lead to major lifestyle shifts. Some of these are welcome changes, but some are undesired by-products of the relentless progress, and actually need to be heeded special attention, as they create new problems. One of such issues is the prolongation of […]


Fall Prevention in the Senior Population

January 19, 2018

  Older age sets increasingly stronger constraints on the type and extent of physical activity one undertakes. As seniors become less physically active, they also become more prone to falling, as the balance, vision, muscle strength, agility and other aspects of physical health start notably declining. Let’s touch upon the reasons why falling is so […]


Geriatrics – a Growing Need for a Growing Population

December 26, 2017

  Geriatrics, or medical gerontology, is a steadily growing medical field, a distinct specialty that focuses on providing health care to the elderly, and it is expected to further grow in the near future. As major demographic shifts are taking place, with tremendous numbers of baby boomers retiring every day, the need for specialized care […]


Memory and Ageing in the Modern World

December 4, 2017

  The fact that ageing is inevitable will hardly surprise any of our readers, but the way this process is dramatically changing in the recent years is astounding. It’s hard to keep up with the relevant news on the subject, but diseases are being eradicated, the secrets concealed in the human genome are being uncovered, […]


Bonsai Tree Therapy – Try This!

February 24, 2017

  Horticulture therapy is not a new discovery, therapeutic effects of gardening have long been known. It has helped people of all ages in all times and proved to be pretty effective for people with PTSD, autism kids and also seniors with various dementia-related issues. This type of therapy through direct contact with nature allows […]

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