How to Choose an Emergency Alert System

September 15, 2015

choose-med-alert-systemRecent statistics show that about 33% of all the accidents that are connected with falls in some way feature seniors ? and this is quite understandable why. In fact, these are people over 65 and older who usually have some kind of health issue that interferes with their normal life to a certain degree.

In this situation the question is how to help such people ? especially the ones that want to continue living on their own. Frequently, such people need assistance in many aspects of their daily life and especially when it comes to various aspects of household duties. Thus, are there any ways to help? Any means to make sure aid is provided as soon as an emergency happened and especially if a person is home alone? Well, yes. There is a solution and it is called, medical alert system. What it is and how to choose one properly here in this article.

At the present moment the choice of various medical alert systems is pretty large ? there are many companies that offer similar products at relatively the same price.

Medical alert system represents a special device that is meant to help a person get medical aid as soon as possible. The mode of its functioning is pretty simple: when a senior person feels that he or she appeared in a situation of emergency and needs help, they press the emergency button and the signal is transmitted from it to the base and then directed to a call center.

Thus, a medical alert system usually contains three main parts ? they are small emergency buttons that are usually worn either as a part of a bracelet, a wristband or a necklace pendant, or they can also be a part of a person?s wheelchair ? these are actually small radio transmitters. The second component is a console, or a base unit (station) ? it is connected to a user?s telephone and sends signals to a third compound ? that is an emergency call center. One of the benefits of the system that a call center operator will notify family members as well as neighbors and friends as well as emergency center.

However, with such a variety of systems now at offer it is quite hard to choose the best one. Here are some points that you should take into consideration before making a purchase.

  • First of all, it is price and hidden costs of the system ? usually all medical companies charge monthly for their services. However, some also have installment/uninstall fees and so on. It is important to make payment terms clear before you sign in the contract, not after.
  • Pay close attention to the contract terms ? there is no need in long term contracts as you should have the option to cancel. Make sure you read fine print before you sign anything.
  • For some users company?s experience is not the most important thing ? however, it won?t hurt if you choose a company that has got some name in the business. Surely enough, there are many new good companies, but to be on the safe side, check this point nevertheless.
  • One more not less important point is that the entire system should be easy to use for a senior ? it should be comprehensible and not too complicated with all the buttons and stuff. A person should know that at pressing the button the call center will react immediately.
  • Which leads to a next logic point that it makes sense to check how a company trains its operators and if all of them have got proper experience and qualification.
  • Surely, support should work 24/7 but it won?t hurt either to check that it is actually so with the company in question ? means of contact and support should also be taken into consideration as they differ.
  • Lastly, make sure that the company carries out testing of the devices on a regular basis and that it also offers/guarantees replacement and repairing of the parts that got damaged or broken.

These are very simple tips on the account of choosing a medical alert system. Surely, there are many more points to consider; however, these basic ones should be of help to everyone in doubts.

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