Medical Alert System – “How to Choose” Guide

November 10, 2015

Medical systems have not so long become a part of our daily lives; however, they are very much favored by seniors for the ease and convenience of use. The choice of systems is impressive but it is every time very personal and should meet the requirements of this or that particular family as well as individual.

There are several important factors that should be taken into consideration when getting such a system:

Key Features

These are the major tasks that a system should be able to solve. Many systems offer a lot of optional features and can work both indoors and outdoors and there is also a choice or a pendant as well as a wristband.

Decide what you need most – not all seniors are in need of GPS tracking, others hate pendants or are at risk of falling due to poor health. Distinguishing key features is the key to successful usage of any system.

Choose Your Price Range

Most systems offer similar price packages about $20 on average; however, some companies have free installation and support, others offer it at some cost. The same refers to cancellation policy;

There are landline and cellular options. Those seniors who have smartphones can also benefit from getting home screening emergency apps as well at additional price.

It is important to read terms and conditions of each company you consider buying the subscription from as such things as first-time or cancellation fees can turn into unpleasant surprises. It happens that you can’t find clear information about terms and prices, always call and ask.


Most medical alert system companies do not practice contracts or any long-term commitments; however, some still do. A common contract lasts from 30 days to 3 months minimum and it is very much advisable to make sure that you are aware this aspect of the purchase in advance.

Decide How Much Coverage Is Enough

All systems have got different monitoring range; some, however, are able to pick up a signal at longer distance, others – at shorter. Besides, they differ with regards to a type of a system – indoor or outdoor – as well as the number and quality of obstacles.

Make your mind what actual coverage is sufficient for you and your family – perhaps, the system that covers only a house will be quite enough.


Return or refund policy is also better to get acquainted in advance in order to know what to expect in case of bad service or any other issues.

Be Prepared

Next essential thing after choosing a system is to make sure that EMTs is able to access your house freely in case of a necessity. Also, make sure you read ALL fine print before purchasing any products.

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