Medical Alert Systems ? a Market on the Rise

January 12, 2018

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The medical alert device industry is an actively expanding one. The number of seniors, especially in developed countries, is increasing notably every year as the baby boomers are retiring. It?s a sizable generation, with its youngest members set to retire in 2029, and in another 20 years the 85+ population group is estimated at 19 million, which will comprise 5% of the total population of the United States. Thus, the market for the products and services that target this growing population is also becoming more and more extensive.

Among such products are the medical alert devices, and technology, which is making amazing leaps in other segments, is contributing to this life-saving segment as well. The general trend involves greater smartphone penetration of the niche and a growing demand for technology that implements a multi-modal approach.

Breaking news from CES 2018

However, something entirely novel happened just a few days ago ? three companies have unveiled their smartwatch-based medical alert systems at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 international conference in Las Vegas in January.

One is a sleek watch manufactured by one of the industry leaders, Medical Guardian. It?s named ?Freedom Guardian? and is indistinguishable from a regular smartwatch on the outside. Considering the fact that the aging process is transforming rapidly, with many seniors leading an increasingly active lifestyle, the looks are important. On the inside, the Freedom Guardian offers an abundance of features, nothing like the one-button option offered by the outdated medical alert systems. The features include messaging, access to transportation, and, of course, emergency help. There?s a convenient button for emergency help requests, and a GPS and Wi-Fi location finder. Nice perks like the weather forecast, reminders of scheduled events, oversized icons and audible functions such as reading out and dictating messages, make this a perfect integrated solution for an active senior, discreet and customizable for safety and convenience. Freedom Guardian will become available to consumers in the second quarter of 2018.

Other companies that are on the technological frontier with their newly introduced smartphone medical alert devices are the medical tech giant ADT and another industry leader ? MobileHelp. The former revealed two Samsung-based phone models, which offer two-way live voice assistance just a tap away among its features, and a medical alert phone app. The latter demonstrated MobileHelp Smart, a watch that combines emergency help features with a fitness monitor.

Medical Guardian is once again leading the developments in the industry, and we are not surprised, considering the fact that it?s been offering top quality equipment and services for years.

What to keep in mind when choosing a device

Besides the introduction of smartphone-based medical alert systems, which is truly a breakthrough, albeit an expected one, the set of features on more familiar devices will continue to be augmented, and new options are bound to be offered with time. While the next generation devices offer a new interface and a new degree of freedom, traditional features required of such a device are still basically the same. Whether you are selecting a home-based system with a familiar pendant/bracelet wearable button or a cutting-edge smartwatch for your loved one, we advise to check and compare the following:

  • Battery life
  • Fall detection
  • Range
  • Landline vs cell connection
  • GPS
  • Mobile app
  • Setup fees


There?s great potential in the industry of medical alert devices, and what we?re seeing now is definitely just the beginning of a surging wave of high-tech inventions in this important segment. Stay with us for the latest news!

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