Nilox Bodyguard – Next Word in the World of Smart Security Devices

October 13, 2015

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or IFA-2015, this year was rich in events and devices demonstrated. One of the most interesting among the latter were smart portable devices, which made a trend last year and haven’t lost their allure since then.

However, if LG Watch Urbane Luxe or Asus ZenWatch 2 and even Samsung Gear S2 proved to be somewhat predictable in their functioning and set of features, new Nilox product have managed to surprise everyone.

Nilox brand was founded in Italy in 2005 by the Esprinet Group. The founding company was the first in distribution of various electronics both in Spain and in Europe.

This time the brand introduced their new smart-watch on the exhibition. It is called Bodyguard and it is actually something of a wonder. Developers describe it as “the first wearable security device in the world” that possesses the features of portability as well as protection from stealth.

13It is positioned as a portable smart device for kids or/and seniors – the groups of people who might need additional assistance in certain cases.

Nilox bodyguard is operated via a SIM card of a client’s choice and it also features GSM, “unique and very accurate tracking system”, navigation and Wi-Fi. It can be deadly useful to people with space orientation problems and those who can get lost easily. It helps to track a person at any place (hypothetically) but not only outdoors but also indoors in large closed buildings (malls, department stores, for instance). There is also an option of setting up a “Security Zone” alarm that will send signals when a person leaves or enters a certain area.42

Bodyguard allows making calls to certain numbers as well as receiving calls and SMS. The smart device also features the SOS button (that bears an “Y” symbol mark) that activates an emergency call to the predetermined numbers.

The device looks nice, its set of features can be described as highly efficient and the combination of a map and a phone without any unnecessary add-ons can be characterized as very successful solution when it comes to the chosen target audience.

More of the Nilox bodyguard features:

  • SIM card free choiceno restrictions here
  • Portable/wearable Watch – this is the idea of Italian designers and developers to make something useful but nonetheless stylish and small.
  • Phone Calls – the device supports phone calls and texts
  • Safe Zone – the feature that allows setting a safe zone for a wearer so that it could always be seen when it is left.
  • Tracking – both Indoor and Outdoor – this feature is pretty unique as it combines Wi-Fi, AGPRS and SIM card and creates a system that is literally able to track bodyguard wearer everywhere.
  • SOS Button – is designed for the cases when emergency must be called and help got immediately.
  • Water Resistant – this one does not mean that you can dive with Bodyguard on; however, it is resistant to rain.
  • 4 Days Battery – hard to find a longer lasting option.

Nilox Bodyguard will be available from October in the company shops in three different colors (black, lime and purple). Suggested price – 169.95€

It is definitely a very interesting solution to seniors and their family members and can be easily seen as a very convenient alternative to a medical alert system with its benefits easily seen.

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