Q Watch – Another Smart Watch for Senior Needs

December 10, 2015

Q Watch is a new smart watch product from the company Q Watch Limited. It represents an analogous to a senior medical alert system; however, it is a product of new generation with a larger set of features and smarter design.

The watch functions as a personal alarm system and is similar in a way to a smartphone – its operation is based on 3G technology. With its limitless monitoring range it can pick up and send a signal from any place, as opposed to medical alert systems that depend on the landline, for instance.

The watch also contains a phone, a computer and a camera, GPS as well as Blue Tooth and certain space of digital storage. The developers promise that within 3 seconds after pressing a button on the watch, users will be connected to a call center. The watch is also able to detect cases of falls and manage situations when seniors are unable to call or make any signal themselves.q-watch

The following features distinguish Q Watch:

  • It is designed by a doctor and for the seniors;
  • It is waterproof to IP67 standard;
  • It has got a 600 mAh battery (the most powerful among smart watches);
  • Its operation system – Android 4.4;
  • The device goes with micro-USB charger, charging cradle, free sim-card, and a 5GB MicroSD.

The watch offers 24/7 monitoring and connection with licensed call centers at the pressing of a button or a voice call. The device can also used as a medical history storage for their users. It monitors and keeps the record of all the medical updates, collects information about prescriptions and medication lists and can be extremely useful in case of a hospitalization. It allows having access to the most complete medical history information.

The Q Watch Limited company was created to help seniors to lead better and fuller lives without having to comply with any limitations. It is also a good solution for families and caregivers as they can rest assured that their senior members are looked after properly.

It is a very good alternative for senior people who want to be independent but are sometimes in need of some additional assistance to rely on. Q Watch being both a service and a product represents a very good example of how technology and desire to help work together.

The company is located in New Zealand (22 Monticello Key. Papamoa, Tauranga 3118 New Zealand); however, they have got call centers both in the U.S. and New Zealand. They have current plans for the expansion of the services to other countries as well.

At the present moment the price of Q Watch is $299.00 with monthly monitoring fee of $69 (for a 12 month contract).

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