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Acadian on Call offers several medical alert systems and can boast years of experience in the sphere of medical safety and security. Acadian on Call offers simple and reliable medical alert systems for home and outdoor use. The systems are easy to use and install and they have a very beneficial set of features that guarantee senior safety both within home as well as outside it. The company has got its own operation center and high-qualified specialist at the other end of the line.

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Acadian on Call

Company Background

The company dates back to 1991 and has got a fair share of experience in the sphere of medical alert. Acadian on Call first started as an Ambulance service.

However, it grew and developed into a full-scale On Call service with more than 550 security partner companies across the state and a large network of clients. Besides, the company stays close in touch with the local security and fire brigades and has got its own operating center.


  • Quick response time.
  • Acadian On Call is easy to install and operate.
  • Automatic fall detection is also available for extra price.
  • Battery life in cases of power outage is up to 60 hours.
  • Monitoring range is up to 1000 feet; which is one of the longest among the similar systems.
  • Built-in backup battery.
  • There is no landline needed for certain systems.
  • The contract is simple and terms are comprehensible.
  • The company offers 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It is very highly evaluated by many top caregivers.


The system by Acadian on Call comes up with a monitoring base unit as well as a wireless help button (the choice is either between a necklace or a bracelet). All the pendants are water-resistant.

1. In-Home Medical Alert & Monitoring Package

Price: from $24.95

Connection: landline

Range: 600 ? 1000 ft.

Battery: up to 80 hours


2. In-Home Medical Alert & Monitoring Package (Wireless)

Price: from $29.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: 600+ ft.

Battery : 60+ hours


3. Mobile Medical Alert

Price: from $39.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: varied




Extra Fall Detecting Pendant

Price $9.95



Extra Wristband

Price: $5


The choice of the subscription varies with regards to a system in question – from $29.95 ? $41.95 per month. This is the price for 24/7 monitoring and emergency services. No activation fees are involved.

  • Traditional Medical Alert$29.95 /mo
  • Medical Alert Plus+$29.95 /mo
  • Medical Alert Mobile$36.95 /mo.


The operating center is available 24/7 and so is customer support. There are two major options ? email or tall-free number (800) 259-1234 for contacts. No Live Chat available, however.



The company is UL listed – more information here.



  • There is no limit to the usage of a system per month.
  • All Acadian on Call operators are EMD certified.
  • Automatic fall alert detection feature is available as an option for extra price..
  • The company has got three call centers across the country.


  • The company has got a rather complicated policy of returns and refunds. Customers have to notify the company by phone that they want to terminate the service and then sent the equipment back by post at their own expense, which are not covered by refund.
  • No Live Chat


Acadian on Call has been in the industry for a pretty long time and managed to gain certain reputation at the medical alert system market. It can boast the quality of service as the professionals working in the operating center are all top-notch specialists. The company does not ask for long-term contracts; however, its refund policy leaves much to be desired. Despite the fact that there have appeared many more younger and up-to-date medical alert system companies of the same nature, it still offers pretty good and reliable product for a fair price.


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December 5, 2018 at 6:07 pm

I am very disappointed in your complex policy on damage, refund etc.

Because of a Medical Personal Emergency the Device was damaged.

We plan to cancel and use another Alert syatem.

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