Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is a choice of many seniors for their medical alert system. The company has got a really long history and experience in the field and has a lot of options to offer. They have very fair prices for their quality services and no contract requirements, which many people find very attractive, indeed.

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Bay Alarm Medical

Company Background

Bay Alarm Medical is a medical branch of Bay Alarm security company that was founded in 1946. Thus, the company has got very extended experience and can be characterized as the oldest in medical alarm sphere.

It offers its services throughout the country as well as in non-continental parts of the state.?Monitoring and trained professional service are available 24/7 .


  • The system consists of the base unit as well as emergency buttons that are presented either in the form of a wristband or a necklace pendant.
  • It presupposes the option of mobile 911 phone call.
  • As well as automatic fall detection (however, this feature is offered at additional price).
  • The system is designed to work well with any phone line, traditional or cable or VoIP services from various companies (e.g. Verizon, Vonage, AT&T, Cox, Comcast, Time Warner and etc.). Customers with DSL internet connection can use the service as well.
  • There are also other premium options that can be added if necessary: they are fire, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Bay Alarm Medical has got an actual range of 350ft and a maximum range of 1,150ft. Thus, it can easily cover the area not only of a home but also of the nearby territories provided that you stay within the range of a receiver.
  • Its battery life is 32 hours and it is an average indicator for such systems in cases of power outage.
  • The service work for 24/7 all year round, and they also have a very reliable and US-based monitoring operations company. Thus, even if it is not entirely their own, they are absolutely professional. Besides, Bay Alarm Medical has got 2 full-service US-based centers for cases if something goes wrong.



  • Bay Alarm Medical base unit
  • A necklace pendant or a bracelet ? as wireless emergency help buttons (waterproof)
  • Wall-mounted buttons (additional option)


1. In-Home Medical Alert


2. Mobile GPS Help Button



3. In-Car Medical Alert

4. Bundle & Save!




Bay Alarm Medical Systems prices start at $19.95 per month. The service does not presuppose any setup or cancellation fees. There is also a quarterly payment option as well as semi-annually.


  • Support options are represented by FAQ page as well as phone and email. They also have Live Chat.
  • They support center operates 24/7/365 and the service is offered in 170 languages, which can be very helpful for many people.

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  • The cost of the service is pretty low if compared to other companies in the field; however, this doesn?t affect the quality of it in the least. The company has been on the market for too long to offer low-quality products.
  • There are no contract obligations; customers are not required to stick to any contracts and if they wish to terminate the service, they are free to do so and send the equipment back to the company at no additional cost.
  • Premium features of carbon monoxide and fire/smoke monitoring are also very beneficial; you can add them if you wish and feel the need to do so. Or you can stick to a basic package.


  • Bay Alarm Medical has got no in-house monitoring center; and this might not be a plus for some customers; however, they have got a contract with a very experienced and reliable monitoring company that is certified by UL as well as CSAA Five Diamond.


Bay Alarm Medical can be characterized as a very reliable medical alarm system and a very reasonable choice for those people who value quality and believe in experience. They are also a good example of price/quality correlation and with a set of optional features they make a much better option if compared to its more expensive but not necessarily better counterparts.


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December 7, 2017 at 10:51 am

My dad is 80 and can’t type but he says the system is great. He’s being awqward at times and each time he pushes the button accidentally, they answer right away. And say it’s alright that he sets off the alarm, no problem. Last time he fell, they called me at once. And it’s such a relief to have someone looking after dad because I live some miles from his home. So, this system helps me to worry less also.

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