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Connect America is a medical alert system company that is very well-known for its quality products and services in the U.S. It is one of the oldest in the country as well as the most reputable one. Connect America has got a variation of medical alert system products both for inside and outside use. The systems are designed to work with any phone lines and they also have mobile versions that work on AT&T?s network ? which means no extra costs for users.

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Connect America

Company Background

Connect America is one of the oldest medical alert system companies in the U.S., it dates back to 1977 and its headquarters is in Broomall, PA. It offers a variation of emergency medical alert products, helping the elderly population all over the country.

It is a product of Linear LLC ? the engineering and manufacturing company with a long history in health and wellness as well as security offerings.


  • The system includes a base unit. It provides connection to a monitoring center 24/7. The other part of a system is a waterproof help button necklace pendant.
  • Connect America system requires a phone connection or an AT&T?s wireless phone service to function properly.
  • Connect America also offers 911 mobile medical alert that connects via a cell phone signal. It is very convenient for seniors who live alone and can carry it around the house.
  • Backup battery live is from 32 to 72 hours in cases of power outage.
  • Monitoring wireless is up to 600 feet, provided that there are no obstructions on the way.
  • All Connect America operators are EMT Certified.


Connect America standard medical alert system consists of a ?Medical Alert Home Emergency (PERS) Base Unit.? It is usually connected to a standard electrical outlet and also to a phone line. Waterproof help button comes in the form of a pendant.

1. At Home No Landline

Price: from $22.95

Connection: landline

Range: varied

Battery: varied



2. At Home No Landline

Price: from $32.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery : varied


3. On the Go

Price: from $37.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: varied



Connect America Standard in-home system costs $29.95 a month; Cellular in-home system costs $34.95 a month; Mobile Alert system costs $39.95 per month. There are also offerings of quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment options. No set-up or activation fees.


There are several customer support options: telephone and a contact form.


The company has got their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page – you can also check their rating and read feedbacks here.

Consumer Affairs reviews can be found here.


  • There are no long term contracts ? customers can cancel their subscriptions, if they give a notice 30 days in advance. No additional sign up or installation fees are included.
  • There is an option for users without land lines – a mobile device that is designed to work with a cellular network.


  • One of the drawbacks is 90 Days Initial Commitment. It can be a reason why some customers decide against this service, not many people seek such long obligations.
  • No Live Chat


Connect America is an old medical alert company that offers decent and reliable service. It has already gained certain reputation among customers and its interactive two-way wireless technology has proved to be working and well; however, it has got several drawbacks and even if the prices of their products are average, there is still an initial commitment term that won?t, perhaps, be favored by some customers.


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