LifeCall offers decent traditional medical alert system with a range of useful features for seniors and their caretakers. There are the following options of LifeCall: LifeCall Standard, LifeCall Cellular, LifeCall MobileAlert and LifeCall with FallAlert.

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Company Background

LifeCall has got more than 40 years of experience in the field of medical alert systems. The company was established in 1974 and it has been providing medical alert care to seniors and their caregivers since then.


  • LifeCall has got a powerful battery back-up that allows 5 days of operation.
  • All emergency response operators are professionally trained and highly qualified; the support is available 24/7.
  • Response centers work 24/7.
  • The two-way communication system is noted for its extended coverage – it is beneficial for multi-stored homes.
  • LifeCall offers cellular alert system option that does not require landline.
  • Fall detection is one of the major features that a company focuses on.
  • 911 alert is also available as an extra option.


Medical alert system from LifeCall consists of a base console and a transmitter (a waterproof pendant of a wristband).


The price of a LifeCall is from $27.45 to $34.95 with regards to a system of choice. There are no hidden fees and costs.


The following options for contact: phone, email and contact from. There is no Live Chat available.


  • One of the major features that LifeCall pays attention to is Fall Detection – they have special system with a focus on it on offer. This system detects the lack of movement from horizontal to vertical position after 10 seconds and send signal to an operating center.
  • No activation/cancellation fees.


  • The company offers 3-month contract upon initial sign-up as well as requires 3-month signup deposit in advance; which can be not the best option for some customers.


LifeCall can be characterized as fairly good company that has long been at the market and offers a traditional option of services with a special emphasis on fall detection. The system is also beneficial to those users who send time indoors and outdoors as well – the system has got very generous monitoring range. This is not the best and most modern company at the market; however, has got many years of experience and is reliable.

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