Lifefone is a well-known medical alert system company in the states. It has a very long term on the market and it manufactures and offers a great variation of different consoles and necklace pendants as well as wristbands. This is an old and reliable US company that has long been and still is very popular among seniors.

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Company Background

Lifefone has got a long history of dealings in medical alert system business ? it has been on the market for over 35 years and gained a certain reputation.

It was founded in 1976 and since that time it has been offering pretty reliable services. It is a company with recommendations from such websites as WebMD and; and they are also rated as A+ in BBB. Customers can rest assured that the company uses only UL certified equipment.


  • Lifefone has got two different alert systems: one is a traditional and landline enabled, the other is cellular and works with AT&T.
  • There is a choice of call buttons from wristband to necklace.
  • They offer mobile 911 call.
  • They have got an option of automatic fall detection; this is an additional feature and is offered for additional price.
  • GPS tracking is offered with mobile base units.
  • One of the features that seniors prefer Lifefone Caregiver tools.
  • Another useful and optional feature offered for additional price – Whole House Protection: fire and smoke as well as carbon monoxide detection.
  • Lifefone has got a average battery life – 32 hours for cases of power outage.
  • It also has got maximum feet range of 1300ft and actual feet range of 480ft.
  • One of the major benefits of the company is that they have got their own UL certified monitoring center.
  • Set-up and activation is free for all customers with no regards to the duration of a contract.
  • Some add-on features are available for one-time fees for the customers’ convenience.


Lifefone equipment consists of the base unit as well as help buttons – a wristband and necklace pendant. A customer can choose between the two as means of connection with the monitoring center.


In-Home Options:


1. At-home Landline

Price: from $29.95

Connection: landline

Range: 1,300 ft.

Battery: up to 32 hours.


2. At-home Cellular

Price: from $30.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: 1,300 ft.

Battery : up to 30 hours.

On-the-Go Options:


3. At-home and On-the-Go GPS, Voice and Necklace

Price: from $42.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited

Battery: up to 36 hours.

4. At-home and On-the-Go GPS

Price: from $36.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited (Pendants: 600 ft from Base Station)

Battery: up to 30 hours.


Lifefone offers both landline and cellular enabled services. Landline – from $24.95 per month, if paid annually, $29.95 per month, if paid monthly; cellular from $34.95 per month, if paid annually, $39.95 per month, if paid monthly.


  • Lifefone offers a very elaborate emergency button that goes with its two-way communication console.
  • The company offers 24/7 monitoring and support for their customers and the latter is available in 200 languages.
  • There is a toll-free 24/7 number for the customers with various questions about the service with regards to terms, assistance, equipment and any advice.
  • No live chat is a minus.


The company has got their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page – you can also check their rating and read feedbacks here.

Consumer reviews can be found at


Accredited member at Consumer Affairs



  • Pendant and wristband buttons allow you to answer your phone.
  • LifeFone Emergency Response Card is provided to all the customers of LifeFone and it is a very helpful option that allows health care providers to get immediate access to any information they might consider necessary. This feature is really very helpful to the traveling seniors.


  • No live chat available.


Lifefone can boast its long-term reputation as well as its high-quality certified equipment. These are some of the reasons why it can be recommended as a very good choice of a medical alert system. The choice of landline and cellular enabled systems is also a plus, as is the variation of add-on features. The company also offers refund (few in this sphere do) and with their experience they guarantee a very good monitoring service for sure.


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November 29, 2017 at 1:33 pm

I bought their landline system to my father, who is 70 now and lives down the street on his own. He has been using it for about 8 months and has been pretty much pleased with it so far. Thankfully, he only fell once; but he also set the system off several times quite by accident and the operators were always nice and polite. So, this purchase was a wise decision for both me and Dad.

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