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Philips Lifeline is among one of the eldest medical alert companies in the U.S. It can boast both experience and reliability. In fact, Lifeline was the first in the line of medical alert companies and it was developed and now refers to Philips. It is one of the most reliable and chosen medical alert products. Its services are also available in 200 languages.

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Philips LifeLine

Company Background

Philips Lifeline Systems was founded by Dr. Andrew S. Dibner in 1972 and at first the company distributed its products through healthcare services but since then it has become one of the best medical alert systems in the country.

There are as much as 7 million users who are quite happy with the company.


  • The system includes a base station, which is a pretty nice addition to every interior.
  • There are two options for help buttons ? a necklace pendant and a wristband.
  • Users can call mobile 911 in case of necessity.
  • Lifeline offers a very useful auto fall alert option. It is crucial for people living alone or staying long periods alone in the house.
  • Battery life in cases of power outage up to 30 hours.
  • The monitoring range of the system is 800 ft on average, with regards to the environment.
  • Lifeline offers a new option starting from 2014. It is called GoSafe and it is presupposed for the use both at home as well as outside the house.


The equipment set of Lifesine consists of a base unit and a phone line connection as well as a number of help buttons that can be chosen from either a wristband or a necklace. A help button, if pressed, sends a signal to a base unit that then is transmitted to operators in a monitoring center.


In-Home Options:


1. HomeSafe Standard

Price: from $29.95

Connection: landline/ cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: long-lasting battery



2. HomeSafe with AutoAlert

Price: from $44.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: long-lasting battery


On-the-Go Options:

3. GoSafe 2

Price: from $44.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited

Battery: 2-3 days



4. GoSafe

Price: from $54.95

Connection: landline/cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: up to 7 days



The standard package price for a Lifeine medalert service starts from $29.95 a month. HomeSafe with AutoAlert pendant is available at $44.95 and GoSafe is for $54.95 per; the latter also requires single-time mobile button purchase of $149.


Lifeline offers several support options starting with the basic ones (phone and e-mail) and ending with a very useful Live Chat ? it is the fastest and the most convenient option of all.


The company has got their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page – you can also check their rating and read feedbacks here.


Accredited member at Consumer Affairs




  • GoSafe Mobile Solution ? mobile medical alert button option that allows a person be both at home and outside. It includes fall detection feature as well as GPS technology. It is offered as additional price.
  • Lifeline does not offer any long term contracts, which is a definite benefit for customers who do not like long term obligations.


  • One of the drawbacks of Lifeline medical alert service is that they have got higher prices than their counterparts. Users will have to get along with installation and activation fees as well as pay for extra features additional prices as well.


LifeLine from Philips is a definite choice for customers who seek reputable and reliable medical alert company with both history and experience in the field. However, it is also a good choice for those who are ready to pay more. There are other options at the market that are both cheaper and no less effective, if you look for something cheaper.


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December 7, 2017 at 11:13 am

I have had their system for a while, and it works ok, but I have recently decided to add the fall service because of the nasty accidents in the bathroom and at the stairs 3 times already for the past 2 weeks. I changed from HomeSafe to HomeSafe with autoalert, it costs more but I am glad I did it. Because the very last time I fell so badly that I disfigured my hip and it was so painful I blacked out, and the ambulance came really fast. I think they do great work there. thank you

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