LifeStation has long been on the market of medical alert systems. It is distinguished by the fact of having its own in-house monitoring center. The company complies with the standards of CSAA Five Diamond as well as is certified by UL.

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Company Background

LifeStation dates back to 1977 and it has a very considerable 38-year experience in the industry. The headquarters of the company is in New Jersey; however, they offer their services countrywide.

They offer the most basic and standard home medical alert systems without any premium features or additions fire or carbon monoxide alerts and the like.


  • The system consists of a base unit and emergency buttons. The latter can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace around the neck.
  • They offer 911 mobile phone call support.
  • There is no automatic fall detection option.
  • LifeStation has got a UL listed base unit as well as all other equipment; this is a sign of quality of a company, for sure.
  • The service offers the Caregiver Alerts feature ? it is a personal emergency response system, very helpful for many seniors.
  • Backup battery time is 32 hours; which is an average for such systems.
  • An actual wireless range is 500 ft, a maximum wireless range is 831 feet from the base unit ? which is also pretty average.
  • LifeStation has got their own in-house call monitoring center that works and provides support 24/7 all year round.



1. In Home

Price: from $19.95

Connection: landline

Range: varied

Battery: up to 3 days



2. In Home No Landline

Price: from $26.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery : up to 3 days


3. Mobile with GPS

Price: from $24.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: varied

Battery: up to 5 days



LifeStation medical alert system costs around is $25.95 monthly and it is $27.95 if you pay quarterly, is $29.95 ? if yearly.


The company provides 24/7/365 assistance and resolves all the issues and questions that may arise professionally. They have a very elaborate FAQ page and you can always phone. However, they do not have email support and only send brochures, if requested.

Consumer Affairs reviews can be found here.


The company is UL listed – more information here.



  • The company is one of the few ones that has got their own in-house monitoring operating center. The center is UL and CSAA Five Diamond certified and it is one of the features that make people opt for this service in the first place.
  • LifeStation does not make their customers sign any long-term contracts and you can terminate it when you find it unnecessary any longer.
  • One of the convenient features that the service offers is Caregiver Alert. It allows notifying the user’s family or guardians about all the events and issues that happen with a system user – thus, children will get an e-mail every time their parent sent an alert signal and so on. This is a very helpful tool that allows caregivers to be in the course of events and make sure they can provide assistance in time.


  • The company does not offer any premium options apart from basic medical alerts. There is no fire and smoke monitoring/alert and so on.


LifeStation can be characterized as a standard reliable service for those customers who do not need any extras just a little bit support in cases of emergency. The service is available in the U.S. as well as in Canada and it can be recommended for seniors as well as their family as a good medical alert choice.


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December 29, 2017 at 10:58 am

My brother fell down when he was alone at the weekend, his children were away. I have been using the lifestation system for a year now and I recommended it to my brother’s family as well. It is a really good product. They did as I said and I was proved to be right – it did help my brother a lot, he told me lately that he got help really fast after pushing the button the last time he needed it. It saved me from trouble several times as well.

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