Lively can be considered a unique product option as it represents not just a safety watch but an emergency response system ? all in one device. The company plans to go even further in the nearest future and offer not just medication reminders and step counting as an option but a great number of options now available for smartphone users only.

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Company Background

Lively dates back to 2012 and was created by baby boomers for their peers. Based in San Francisco, CA, they represent young but promising company that aims to help their target audience the best way they can.

At the present moment they can be called innovators in the industry.



Notice: At the present moment the company does not offer any online purchase options due to some temporary maintenance on the website:




  • Lively both as a product and a system differs to a great extent from other traditional medical alert system now available at the market ? it offers more features that others don’t.
  • It provides medication reminders and step counting.
  • Lively also will soon be providing even more mobility to seniors by announcing they will soon be pairing their safety watch with a smartphone for emergency response out the home.
  • There are 4 sensors that can be places around a house; each of them sends information about the device user.
  • Lively batteries are replaceable, not rechargeable; however, their life is about 2-3 months on average.
  • It also has got maximum feet range of 1500ft.
  • The company has been planning to launch clip and monthly auto fall-detection monitoring service in 2016; however, at the moment they don’t have in on offer.


Lively equipment consists of the hub that is placed somewhere in the house? 24/7 help response button and a smartwatch. Equipment does not require Internet activation or a land-line phone.


Lively is can be called fairly available, if compared to the products of the same line. Equipment initial cost is $49.95 for the watch+hub+four sensors. Monthly rates start from $27.95. They also have 30-days free trial option and promise 30-days money back guarantee. The applications are available in both PlayMarket and AppStore.


  • Lively does not offer a great deal of a variety of support options ? phone and e-mail, as well as FAQ and informational page.
  • The company offers support for their customers in Canada, UK and Mexico.
  • No live chat.


The company has got their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page ? you can also check their rating and read feedbacks here.



Consumer Affairs review can be found here.



  • Smartwatch serves as an activity tracker.
  • Pillbox activity sensors allow monitoring daily medication intake and send alerts when necessary.
  • No need for a land-line or internet at home.


  • No live chat.
  • Few support options.
  • Not long at the market.


Lively can be considered a choice for those who seek an alternative to a traditional medical alert system. It is stylish and does not send to the idea of aging and disability; rather to the idea of aging while staying active and fit. This is is also a choice for whose who has no phone line or internet connection at home. It can also be recommended from the point of view on price ? it is pretty democratic.


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