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Medical Guardian is well-known in the U.S. as a reliable medical alert company. Despite the fact that it is relatively new in the industry and has no long-lasting reputation that some other medical alert companies have, it has gained popularity among seniors pretty fast all due to the quality of service and decent pricing.

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Medical Guardian

Company Background

medical guardian thumbnailMedical Guardian dates back to 2005 when it was founded.

Its headquarters are in Philadelphia, PA, however, the company offers its services throughout all the states and they have managed to create a pretty good reputation over the past 10 years.

Medical Guardian offers as many as six packages of medical alert systems and its products are rated among the top personal monitoring devices in the market. Many seniors tend to choose this company for a number of reasons.


  • The base station is reliable, easy to use and looks well in any house interior.
  • The system contains help buttons that come in two variations – a necklace pendant and a bracelet.
  • There is an option of mobile 911 call in case of necessity.
  • The system also offers automatic fall detection option; however, at additional price.
  • Medical Guardian guarantees 24/7 monitoring assistance to their senior customers all year round.
  • In those rare cases when you will need the base station batteries to maintain power, the average term is up to 32 hours. It is really nice to have a long battery backup as you may never know what you might need and better be at ready with any power outage.
  • The maximum footage for the help button wireless signal is on average 350ft. This is a pretty good result, especially indoors.
  • Medical Guardian is meant for traditional land telephone lines in the first place, so it works best with them.


The equipment set of Medical Guardian includes base station unit(s) and alert (SOS) help buttons. The latter come in the variation of a necklace pendant as well as a wrist band. A traditional standard variation of in-home medical alert system is connected to a landline or digital line; however, there are also variations for cellular lines as well.


In-Home Options:


1. Classic Guardian

Price: from $29.95

Connection: landline

Range: 1,300 ft.?

Battery: up to 32 hours


2. Home Guardian

Price: from $34.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: 600 ft.

Battery : up to 30 hours


3. Family Guardian

Price: from $74.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: 1,300 ft

Battery: up to 32 hours




On-the-Go Options:

4. Mobile Guardian

Price: from $39.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited

Battery: up to 24 hours


5. Active Guardian

Price: from $49.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited

Battery: up to 5 days


6. Freedom Guardian

Price: from $44.95

Connection: cellular network

Range: unlimited

Battery: up to 2 days


Note: *Fall Detection option is available for an additional $10/month.



The price for Medical Guardian home alert system is $29.95 per month. The money can be paid each quarter ($89.85) or annually. There is a free month of service for those who pay on a yearly basis.


The company has got several options of customer support. First of all, it is email and telephone; however, they also have Live Chat which is much faster and much more efficient in terms of communication nowadays. This is also a feature that not all medical alert companies offer.

The company has got their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page – you can also check their rating and read feedbacks here.

Consumer reviews can be found at


  • There are two options that you can choose from ? in-home and out-of-home systems. They also have upgrading options for those who want to add some features (such as lockbox, GPS, additional stationary SOS buttons etc.)
  • The company doesn?t make their customers to stick to any contracts; neither do they have any cancellation fees and so on.


  • One of the drawbacks of Medical Guardian is that they provide their services through the assistance of a monitoring center that is based in the U.S.; however, not their own. It might be unsettling for some customers.


Medical Guardian has gained reputation and popularity despite its short term in the medical alert system industry. It can be recommended as a reliable choice to take care of your elderly near-and-dear. There are not that many additional features offered apart from a traditional set; however, the fee range is pretty good as well as battery life. Despite the fact that their monitoring center is not entirely autonomous, all the stuff is well-trained and is able to handle any emergency.

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November 29, 2017 at 2:01 pm

I’ve been living alone since my husband died 6 years ago and I have recently acquired a Home guardian. There is no landline in my house and there is no sense in getting one now when my kids always call on my mobile; they are often abroad. I wear both a necklace and a wristband and they are very comfortable. I can say that I quite like having such a thing around, it makes me feel more secure.

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