Seniors and Internet Use

June 14, 2016

There is a very interesting Pew Research Center research that was published in 2012; and although the information is not entirely fresh, it is very interesting in terms of the topic highlighted.

A great number of elderly people find it hard nowadays to keep up with technological progress; however, as statistics shows, all the more of them try their best not to be left behind.

Thus, the research of 2012 showed that about 53% of all seniors over 65 who took part in the inquiry are Internet users and they do it frequently. Surely, this group is not that large if compared with 80% of all adult population in the United States that claim to use Internet and go online all the time. However, this figure is pretty significant if compared to the statistics of earlier years.


The tendency is easy to understand as Internet takes more and more space in our lives and it has long ago become not just the tool of teenage and student recreation but something to rely on in any situation, especially an emergency or urgent necessity to get specific information. Thus, about 70% of seniors admit that they use Internet on a typical day.


Seniors over 76 represent a group that is less likely to apply for the assistance of any online tools; however, it can be quite understandable. Many elderly people in such an age have vision or hearing impairments, many have memory problems and other affecting conditions that make it hard to use a personal computer at all let alone to deal with Internet. Thus, statistics is much lower here ? 34% only.


Cell phone usage statistics is also pretty high ? about 69% of senior adults over 65 admit that they have been cell phone users for several years now. Those who are older than 76 find it useful to own a cell phone as well, although their usage statistics is lower – 56%. All in all, these are quite high indicators for a nation with 88% of cell phone usage in general.


Networking has also become very popular among senior groups ? 34% of them admit having a Facebook profile that they actually use on a regular basis. Email is hugely popular ? about 86% use this option (perhaps, its form is more acceptable and comprehensible, especially for very older adults).

The research was made in 2012 by Pew Research Center. More information can be found at the research page, read full research paper here.

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