Top Tips to Pay Less for Your Meds

May 24, 2018

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At some point in life, each of us will need medication. For example, you may need it when you catch a cold or the flu. There are also some people with health conditions that require them to always purchase medication, even from a young age.

Moreover, as you advance to your later stages of life, meds become a necessity. At this point, your body is starting to lose its ability to heal and stay healthy ? which is why most of the senior citizens in every state are dependent on drugs.

The problem with medications is that they are fairly expensive. In fact, the amount of money per capita spent on prescription meds is higher in the United States than in any other part of the world. Manufacturers of brand name drugs in particular have been driving the prices up for decades, making the cost of medication the greatest out-of-pocket health care expense for the American population. So, if you don?t want to blast your entire retirement money on meds, you need to find ways to pay less. Some of these methods are listed below, so keep on reading!

Work with Your Doctor

When you go to the drugstore to take a batch of meds, you will be asked to pay the full price for them. Furthermore, even when it comes to prescription drugs, some doctors give the more expensive options because they believe they?re ?better.?

Some doctors, however, give discounts for the meds. Some drugs and conditions have coverage, which is why there is a chance you might get the same drug for a smaller price.

If that?s not possible, ask if they could substitute that drug with a less expensive generic one. There are several differently-priced options out there that have the same active agent and literally the same effect.

Find a Good Pharmacy

Some pharmacies have higher costs than others, so while the one next to your home may ask $10 for a pill, another one may ask $8 for it. It may not seem like much, but if you have a bigger batch to buy, it will save you on the final bill.

Furthermore, some pharmacies provide discounts and coupons for faithful customers. Go to the one with the best rates, and you will eventually end up paying much less for your prescription.

Check Your Insurance

Not every insurance company has the same kind of coverage. For example, one may fully cover your needs, while the other one may only cover half of them. Each company will have its own list of meds that are completely covered. So, if yours is not on that list, you might want to look for another insurance company.

Now, you may think that the insurance will be more expensive to include the price of that specific medication you need. However, most of the time, the cost of an insurance policy is much lower than the average prescription ? which means you will be saving money in the long run.

Pharmaceutical companies

There are often ways to save on medication by contacting pharmaceutical companies to see whether you qualify for assistance through such programs as Partnership for Prescription Assistance, Patient Advocate Assistance.

Final Thoughts

In the end, make sure that every change in your medication is approved by your doctor. They know what?s best for you.

Do not make the change yourself for a ?cheaper? generic option without consulting with them first. If you play your cards right, the chances are that they will be the ones to help you pay less for your meds.

And never forget ? a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, proper eating habits and a positive outlook on life seem to be a great way to avoid taking medication for as long as possible and prolonging your healthy life.

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