Fall Prevention in the Senior Population

January 19, 2018

  Older age sets increasingly stronger constraints on the type and extent of physical activity one undertakes. As seniors become less physically active, they also become more prone to falling, as the balance, vision, muscle strength, agility and other aspects of physical health start notably declining. Let’s touch upon the reasons why falling is so […]


Geriatrics – a Growing Need for a Growing Population

December 26, 2017

  Geriatrics, or medical gerontology, is a steadily growing medical field, a distinct specialty that focuses on providing health care to the elderly, and it is expected to further grow in the near future. As major demographic shifts are taking place, with tremendous numbers of baby boomers retiring every day, the need for specialized care […]


Memory and Ageing in the Modern World

December 4, 2017

  The fact that ageing is inevitable will hardly surprise any of our readers, but the way this process is dramatically changing in the recent years is astounding. It’s hard to keep up with the relevant news on the subject, but diseases are being eradicated, the secrets concealed in the human genome are being uncovered, […]


Bonsai Tree Therapy – Try This!

February 24, 2017

  Horticulture therapy is not a new discovery, therapeutic effects of gardening have long been known. It has helped people of all ages at all times and proved to be pretty effective for people with PTSD, autism kids and also seniors with various dementia-related issues. This type of therapy through direct contact with nature allows […]


What about Fitness for Seniors?

January 26, 2017

  Sports and Seniors Problem For the majority gym is envisaged as a place where young and daring try their best, where music is loud and time is now. In other words, they are the last place for a senior. However, is it really so? Recently all the more sport centers have stared to offer […]


Bathroom Safety

February 11, 2016

One of the most important aspects of senior care is bathroom safety – too many cases of injuries and fall-related problems originate from wrong or inconvenient for a senior bathroom/shower surroundings. Making these places comfortable and safe for the elderly is the first step to let them go on with their lives happily.


Senior Health Issues

December 22, 2015

Aging is not the easiest time of life for many people mostly due to the fact that more and more health issues have to be faced. Illnesses that haven’t bothered much frequently become chronic and very often become a real problem. Many seniors require special care with age, some constant assistance, others can successfully live […]


Medical Alert System – “How to Choose” Guide

November 10, 2015

Medical systems have not so long become a part of our daily lives; however, they are very much favored by seniors for the ease and convenience of use. The choice of systems is impressive but it is every time very personal and should meet the requirements of this or that particular family as well as […]


Considering a Medical Alert System for the Seniors

October 26, 2015

In accordance with the data of CDC (Center of Control and Disease Control and Prevention) there are more than 34 million caregivers that provide unpaid care to the people of 18 and above who are either ill or disabled. One of the issues with caregivers is that the care itself takes a lot of effort […]


How to Choose an Emergency Alert System

September 15, 2015

Recent statistics show that about 33% of all the accidents that are connected with falls in some way feature seniors – and this is quite understandable why. In fact, these are people over 65 and older who usually have some kind of health issue that interferes with their normal life to a certain degree. In […]

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